Have Fun with Craps Online Gambling

 The game of Craps can be traced back as early as the crusades, but the version that we play today originated in the city of New Orleans. Although the game has undergone many changes over the years, it still remains one of the most exciting casino games in existence. The game we play today is directly related to the game that was played on the streets using a pair of dice. The dice were thrown on to the ground and sometimes a wall would be used as a back-stop. This form of the game was also known as ‘shooting dice’. During the 2nd world war, soldiers also played a version by throwing dice on to their army blankets and today there is still a roll of the dice called an ‘army blanket roll’.

The casino Version of the Game

 When playing Craps at a brick and mortar casino, players stand around a big, deep, oval table and throw dice onto a table cloth made of felt which is called a ‘layout’. On this ‘layout’ are printed the various betting possibilities and players stack their chips on the sides of the table. The beauty of playing at a Kenyan online casino is that you never have to stand in order to play. The game is played by throwing 2 dice; players place their bets on to the marked sections of the ‘layout’. The person throwing the dice is called the shooter and players other than the shooter may also place bets on the shooter’s throw.

How to Play the Game

 The game of Craps is both complex and exciting. If you have never played the game before then you need not worry. All the Kenyan online gambling casinos that are reviewed and rated on this site will provide you with all the instructions and rules that you need in order to play. Many Kenyan online casinos reviewed on this site will also allow you to play a free version of the game before you commit to playing for real money. This is recommended if you are a new player and want to familiarise yourself with the game or if you simply want to develop your game strategy.

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Bonuses at Online Casinos

 When you play Craps at a Kenyan online casino that has been rated on this site, you will often be offered a casino bonus or two. The most common bonus that is offered by online gambling casinos is the welcome bonus. This is a bonus that is offered to new players in the form of a sum of money that is deposited into your casino bank account for you to spend at that particular casino. Once you have spent the money, you can either quit or make a deposit and continue to play. If you do decide to make a deposit into the Kenyan online casino, they will often offer you a deposit match bonus which is a sum of money equal to or more than the amount you deposit.

Fast Paced Craps Entertainment Online

Craps is a very exciting and fast paced casino game, if you never played before then give it a try today! If you have played before, then read through the reviews on this site and pick the Craps casino that best suits your needs.