The Best Kenyan Gambling Online Keno Games

Keno is a lottery style game where players select twenty numbers from 1 through to 80.  Numbered balls are placed into a clear bubble and high pressure air is blown into it to shuffle the balls.  There is a release valve which an operator activates by pressing a button.  One ball at a time is then sucked into a tube at the top of the bubble which is shaped like bunny ears.  A total of twenty balls are selected and payout tables are calculated according to the selection of pay out table the players made when they placed their bets.

Exhilarating Excitement

Keno is one of those games where the anticipation and excitement of selecting the correct numbers causes players to experience a rush of adrenaline.  Especially when they have chosen the correct numbers!  Human nature causes people to seek thrills and excitement and this game delivers both.

Some Interesting History

According to legend the game of keno originated in China and the invention of it helped to save an ancient city in time of war.  Its widespread popularity also helped to raise funds to build the Great Wall of China.  The game was originally called báigê piào which means white dove ticket.  It was named this as carrier pigeons used to carry the game results to outlying villages and hamlets.  The name Keno has French (quine which means ‘five winning numbers’) or Latin (quini which means ‘five each’) roots.  It’s not clear when this name came into effect but it’s presumed the Romans had quite an influence there.

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Selecting an Online Casino

It’s imperative to select an online gambling casino which allows you to play in the Kenyan Shilling as exchanging foreign currency can be a lengthy, costly and hair raising endeavour.  You should also ensure the online casino has a good reputation, use excellent security software, has numerous payment methods to choose from, has excellent customer care consultants available at all times, are certified to employ fair play practises and has a wide variety of games including Keno to select from.

Safety and Security Measures

All the good and reliable online gambling casinos use 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption software which is of the same standard as the internet security software used by banks and other financial institutions.  The sites should also be monitored constantly.


Kenyan thrill seekers and lottery style game enthusiasts will find all the excitement and exhilaration they could ever seek at online casinos.  The lottery style game which has been in existence from before the Great of China was built is still a widely popular game.  All the best online casinos offer Keno which originated in ancient china.  You get to select twenty numbers in the number range one to eighty.  Eighty numbered balls are placed into a big clear bubble and twenty balls are selected from it with an air extraction system.  Bets are calculated according to the pay table selected for betting.  Go select your lucky numbers now and experience the thrill and anticipation of this excellent game!