Kenyan Video Poker Gambling Online

Video Poker is based on the tradition five-card-draw poker.  This game is played on a computerized console similar to the size of a slot machine.  You receive five cards and have the option to discard some of it which is then replaced with new cards.  Winnings are determined according to a pay table based on traditional combinations, for instance a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs and jacks or better.  Gambling casino players will quickly realise the benefit of the computerised poker version as all winning combinations are paid out instead of the entire pot going to the best hand from several players. Online video poker is a favourite with many Kenyan players and at our recommended sites you’ll find a selection of these great games such as Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces and Double Double Bonus poker.

Wild Cards

With certain Video Poker casino games you get wild cards which benefit the hand you are dealt with!  This means there are some cards in the deck which replaces certain cards to make up winning combinations.  You get to win more often than if you were only playing a normal poker game.  There are different versions available of poker in this computerized form and it’s great fun to explore all the different benefits you reap with the wild cards thrown into the mix.  You actually win according to the combinations in your hand and not against other players where the winner is determined by the best hand at the end of the game.

Different Versions Give Alternative Pay Tables

Different versions of the computerised poker games give you modified pay tables.  This means some winning combinations may pay out at a higher rate than normal and other combinations on the same Video Poker pay out table may pay out less than normal to balance each other out.  An example of this is Jacks or Better, also sometimes called Draw Poker.  Payouts only start at a pair of Jacks but the payout rates are much higher than the norm.  It is fun to explore all the different versions as each one of them has a payoff benefit which is balanced out by a lesser payoff for other combinations.

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Fun-Filled Video Poker Online

 Kenyan gambling players who enjoy a traditional game of poker like the five-card-draw but like a twist to just make it a bit more exciting will enjoy the computerized Video Poker games.  Some of the games feature wild card which replaces other cards to make up a winning combination.  Different version games give alternation payout tables where certain combinations may pay out more and others less.  Go online to any of the top online casinos and try out a few different versions of these poker games.  It is great fun and has the added benefit those winning combinations get paid out according to a payout table instead of the entire pot going to one hand.  Go wild and enjoy more payouts more regularly!